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Insect-O-Cutor has a proud pedigree of supplying fly traps and insectocutors as well as supplying and installing fly screens. It has earned a reputation for having the highest standards in the industry - not just in the UK, but around the world. It is the benchmark that all others measure themselves by.

Fly-Kill are proud to be suppliers of InsectoCutor's fly killers and fly screens. Fly Traps and Insectocutors are also Wasp Killers and Moth Killers!

Insect-o-Cutor fly traps and fly killers are all-British made goods and come in a variety of versions to cover a wide range of applications.

The Flyscreens are also manufactured in Britain to the highest standards. They are used to screen windows and doors in order to prevent flying insects from entering but allowing air, light and sounds to pass through. This is particularly useful in the summer when doors and windows may need to be kept open whilst flies, wasps and moths are not welcome.

For restaurants, hotels and pubs we would draw your attention to the Discreet Series of insectocutors, like to Uplighter 301 pictured here:

D301 insectocutors

These Insectocutors mimic wall lamps but are in fact discreet flykiller units. The products in our Discreet Flykiller series are very effective for use around the home.

Flyscreens, for windows and doors are used as a means of preventing flying insects from entering premises. Please contact us to arrange a free fly screen survey.

All fly traps, fly killers products and flyscreen products are guaranteed for 5 years

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